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Links on this page will allow you to take action on The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights' legislative priorities. The Leadership Conference is a 501(c)(4) organization that engages in legislative advocacy.

Reform the American Justice System. #SentencingReform can't wait.

Join advocates across the country for a call-in week urging Congress to pass much-needed sentencing reforms to the American justice system.

>> Call Senators Toll Free Today

The Senate must move forward to confirm judicial nominees!

The work continues. It's time for the Senate to get to work moving judicial confirmation votes forward with no further delay.

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Time is now to advocate for civil rights priorities in education

Now that the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA, S. 1177) has been signed into law, we must look ahead and ensure that the law is implemented to drive towards equity.

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Congress, it's time to act. #RestoreTheVRA today.

Claiming budget shortfalls, last week the state of Alabama announced plans to close 31 DMV offices, most of them in majority African-American counties - and they are able to do this absent Voting Rights Act protections. Enough is enough.

>> Call members of Congress today!


Make your voice heard on a range of civil and human rights issues:

It's Time to Support the Disability Treaty

Celebrate the 34th Anniversary of the United States Signing CEDAW

Restore the VRA today! Sign the petition: Tell Congress the time is now to protect voters.

Want Some Help? A New Toolkit Just for You!

We are happy to share a new resource. The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights Grassroots Campaigns and Advocacy Toolkit can help develop the basic structure and strategies needed to plan and carry out an effective grassroots public education or advocacy campaign. This toolkit covers everything from developing strategy and fundraising, to event planning and grassroots advocacy.

>>Check out the toolkit here

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Grassroots Organizing Resources

Issue-Based Resources

Below are materials for a few of the issues we are currently organizing around. You can also visit the issues section of the website to learn about other civil rights issues.

D.C. Voting Rights


Workers' Rights

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