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Proposed NLRB Rules Promote Transparency and Democracy

July 25, 2011 - Posted by The Leadership Conference

The ability for workers to have a free and fair election process is essential to democracy, civil rights and labor advocates stressed as they testified in favor of the National Labor Relations Board’s recently proposed union election rules at a hearing last week.

The new NLRB proposed rules call for a more streamlined process for workers to form a union, and are intended to promote transparency and democracy in the workplace.

For example, under the current procedure, workers cannot electronically file the documents necessary to form a union. The proposed rules would allow workers to transmit election petitions, election notices, and voter lists electronically, and allow members to organize through phone calls and email rather than solely home visits.

“Currently, if employees petition to have an election on whether to form a union, they encounter significant uncertainty and obstacles that render the process unfair,” said Lexer Quamie, counsel with The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. “Because of litigation and other delays, it can take months or even years before workers get to cast a vote.  Some never get to vote at all. By eliminating unnecessary delays and modernizing an outdated system, the proposed rule changes would remove unfair hurdles to workers choosing whether to form a union. It helps ensure a clear, standardized process that both employers and workers deserve.”

As workers’ rights are civil and human rights, The Leadership Conference supports the adoption of the proposed rules and commends the National Labor Relations Board for taking the necessary steps to ensure that employees have the real ability to exercise their rights.

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