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The 2010 Census Is Important for Your Constituents

The census is a count of every person in the United States that the Constitution requires every ten years. The 2010 census will influence the economic and political power of your constituents for the next 10 years and beyond.

By encouraging everyone in their state or District to take part in the census, Members of Congress can help ensure that their constituents get their fair share of federal resources and congressional representation.  Members can:   

  • Add a link on your website to www.2010census.gov, the government website created to inform the public about the census 
  • Include an article or information about the census in your newsletter and on your Facebook page
  • Display census promotional materials in your Washington, D.C., and District offices
  • Organize a local forum on the census for elected officials, civic and faith leaders, and Census Bureau regional officials. (You might coordinate such an event with a visit to your District or state by the Census Road Tour.)
  • Talk about the census at community events and town halls, and distribute materials from the Bureau or from census advocates
  • Share census info with your state committee leaders and ask them to share info with their local communities
  • Ask local community affairs programming to work with you on a "The Census is coming" segment
  • Tape PSAs for local radio and TV to promote census participation

From March 8–10, most households will receive the advance letter from the Census Bureau letting them know to expect their census form in the mail about a week later and asking them to mail the form back "promptly." We hope each congressional office will train staffers so that they can explain the census to constituents, and help answer questions or address concerns.

Your constituents look to you for guidance. You can play an important role by providing these easy constituent services that will help ensure that your communities aren't left out of the census.

Download fact sheet (PDF)

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