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Engaging the Media

Your campaign to encourage maximum participation in the 2010 census will be more successful if you put in place an effective strategy to interest and engage local media. Getting your messages out through print and broadcast coverage is one of the best ways to reach a large audience, and news coverage can reinforce your organizing work by boosting recognition of your campaign.

You'll be helped by the Census Bureau's own communications plans, which call for extensive advertising and media outreach. And if you partner with LCCREF, we'll provide you with materials and other media outreach assistance.

Whether you are working with in partnership with a local Complete Count Committee or conducting your organization's own media outreach, this section of the toolkit will help you think through and carry out an effective media strategy.

Media Tips & Sample Materials

Creating a Media Strategy: In order to put together a media plan, you need to think about a few things: audiences, media, messages, spokespeople, news, and calendar.

Writing a Media Advisory: A media advisory is a document used to invite reporters to cover some kind of event, such as a press conference, forum, or rally.

Writing a Press Release: A press release is a longer document that tells the story about an event, report, or news item the way you would like to see the media cover it. 

Writing a Letter to the Editor: One of the most widely read sections of any newspaper is the letters to the editor section. That means the letters page is a great way for your campaign to get its message out.

Holding a Press Conference: You should hold a press conference when you are announcing something new, can present a great visual, or are releasing a report with information that is new or important enough to be considered news by reporters.

Tips on Dealing with the Media: Some of your campaign spokespeople may be old pros at talking to reporters, others may be less experienced. Here are some basic principles on dealing with the news media.