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Confronting the New Faces of Hate: Hate Crimes in America 2009. LCCR Education Fund.

Selected Resources on Hate Crime Response and Counteraction

These websites include outstanding resources on hate crimes laws, anti-bias and prevention programs, and links to other related sites:

American Psychological Association
Report of the American Psychological Association Commission on Violence and Youth (pdf)
Anti-Defamation League
ADL Anti-Bullying/Cyberbullying Prevention Resources
How to Combat Bias and Hate Crimes: An ADL Blueprint for Action
Hate Crime Laws
Hate Crime Data Collection Guidelines (pdf)
Hate Crime Statistics, 2007
Training Guide for Hate Crime Data Collection (pdf)
Department of Education
Preventing Youth Hate Crime
Department of Education/National Association of Attorneys General
Protecting Students from Harassment and Hate Crime (pdf)
Department of Justice
Addressing Hate Crimes: Six Initiatives That Are Enhancing the Efforts of Criminal Justice Practitioner (pdf)
Hate Crime Training: Core Curriculum for Patrol Officers, Detectives, and Command Officers (pdf)
A Policymaker's Guide to Hate Crimes (pdf)
Human Rights First
2008 Hate Crime Survey (pdf)
2007 Hate Crime Report Card (pdf)
Everyday Fears: A Survey of Violent Hate Crimes in Europe and North America (pdf)
International Association of Chiefs of Police
Hate Crime in America Summit Recommendations
Responding to Hate Crimes: A Police Officer's Guide to Investigation and Prevention
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
Cause for Concern: Hate Crimes in America, 2004
National Criminal Justice Reference Service
Hate Crime Publications
National District Attorneys Association
A Local Prosecutor's Guide for Responding to Hate Crimes
Organization of Chinese Americans
Responding to Hate Crimes: A Community Action Guide, 2nd Edition (pdf)
Partners Against Hate
Building Community and Combating Hate: Lessons for the Middle School Classroom (pdf)
Hate on the Internet: A Response Guide for Educators and Families (pdf)
Investigating Hate Crimes on the Internet (pdf)
Peer Leadership: Helping Youth Become Change Agents in Their Schools and Communities (pdf)
Program Activity Guide: Helping Children Resist Bias and Hate, Elementary School Edition (pdf)
Program Activity Guide: Helping Youth Resist Bias and Hate, Middle School Edition (pdf)
Professor Jim Nolan/West Virginia University
NIBRS Hate Crimes 1995-2000: Juvenile Victims and Offenders

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